Application for prototyping a game. Something like ‘Articy Draft’ but not as advanced. You can create assets, lokation, dialogs. My app is completely free. FWPipelineTool is required and you can find it down below.

(In production)



Simply program for IOR (index of refraction) data. I’ve got tired of searching this data in the web and copying it to notepad. Here it’s simple you chose, clicked it, and paste in to your favorite 3d program.




My pipeline tool. It creates and allow you to chose the pipeline you want. For now it’s simple nothing special you can, it’s in alpha stage, but it’s necessary for some of my programs. You will just have to create at least one pipeline. If it doesn’t run make sure you ‘run it as Administrator’.


Animation Frame Looper

This software as it’s name called is used to loop animations. If you have rendered frames as separate files and you want to loop them then this app is for you:) You chose folder where are the frames. Then you uncheck the unnecessary frames and press ‘Create Loop’. On the right you have preview. If everything is OK just press export. Folder named ‘Looped’ is created in the frames folder with all necessary frames.