Problem with ULauncher Extensions

I have been using Ulauncher extensions for a while now, and I have to say that it is one of the most useful tools on my Linux desktop. However, there are some issues with some of the extensions that I use, especially the currency converter and note-taking extension.

The com.github.quitten.ulauncher-notes extension does not work properly. When you use “note c” to copy a note, it gives me an error message. I had to fix it by fixing line 43 in the copyToClipboard function (I’ll link the code later). If you have X11, then you have to install the xclip package with a package manager and then run pip install pyclip in order for this extension to work.

The com.github.brpaz.ulauncher-currency wasn’t working at all. Bing AI Copilot helped me, giving me tips and helping me fix all error messages. It gave me some code elements in Python to download and retrieve proper information from the response.

For anyone who doesn’t want to do all this stuff alone, here’s a link to the code: