Manjaro Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (XCloud Fix)

Do you have some wierd video artifacts? Is your image quality sucks no matter if you have internet 600 M/s, router 5G, and you are connected on lan cable? I had that problem. And if you reading this than you probably too.

I couldn’t find solution for very long time. I even give up for a while. But finally I found this forum: Thank God. At first the file trick worked. Just copy file with settings to this directory ~/.config.

Here is file content:

Unfortunately, after Brave’s update, it stopped working (at least for me), but in the above link Yochanan wrote exactly what to do for every browser.

And finally I can be happy playing Project XCloud. Below is FarCry 5:


As the creators of XCloud service admitted on reddit the browser matters. If it’s not windows browser and the one that supports video streaming quality will drop so install UserAgent and set string for some windows browser one. For example newest Edge.

For those who read this but links are dawn- I created github repo: